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Wedding Entourage of John Estrada - Priscilla Meirelles Nuptials
4 March 2011

Wedding Entourage of John Estrada - Priscilla Meirelles Nuptials
John & Priscilla's
pre-nuptial photo by
Nice Print Photography

The showbiz couple John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles had their beach wedding last 26th of February, a Saturday, 3:30 p.m. at the Thunderbird Poro Point Resorts in Poro Point, La Union.

The celebration was held starting February 25, Friday at the said resort. On the 1st day, there was a golf tournament for the men and a spa party for the ladies at 11 a.m. Wedding rehearsal was also held on the same day at 6 p.m. and the rehearsal dinner party at 7 p.m.

Some of the prominent members of the entourage were Manuel Pangilinan, Governon Chavit Singson, Dr. Vicky Belo, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Kris Aquino, Ogie Alcasid, Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, Gabby Concepcion, Randy Santiago and Ai-Ai delas Alas.

ABS-CBN has been reported to have exclusive rights to cover the event.

The official list of the wedding entourage are as follows:

The Principal Sponsors:
Mr. Manuel Pangilinan and Mrs. Kitchie Benedicto-Paulino
Gov. Luis Chavit Singson and Dr. Vicky Belo
Mr. Ben Chan and Mrs. Julie Torres
Atty. Ray Espinosa and Ms. Maria Cecilia Soriano
Mr. Noel Gonzales and Mrs. Genilda Furigay
Mr. Johnny Manahan and Mrs. Maria Socorro Vidanes
Mr. Randolph Luis Ortiz and Ms. Maria Elena Nuñez
Mr. Ernest Escaler and Ms. Cristinelli Fermin
Mr. Eduardo Quides and Mrs. Amelia Quides
Atty. Alfonso Reyno Jr. and Mrs. Vivian Dudgeon
Mr. Vicente del Rosario and Mrs. Lily Monteverde
Dr. Jun Berberrabe and Dr. Vivian Sarabia

Matrons of Honor:
Mrs. Lucy Marie Torres Gomez
Mrs. Marvie Young-Lim.

Junior Best Man:
Juan Antonio Immanuel Estrada

Mr. Ogie Alcasid
Mr. Luis Claudio de Almeida Jr.
Mr. Leo Angelo Bote
Mr. Albert Patrick Deen
Mr. Jose Ma. Gayoso
Mr. Sherwin Hing
Mr. Hubert Lim
Atty. Alfonso Reyno III
Mr. Jay Wambangco

Ms. Czarinah Isabella Estrada
Ms. Talita de Aquino
Ms. Ginger Conejero
Ms. Tatiana Amorin
Ms. Sandra Inez Seifert
Ms. Michaela Aryanna Estrada
Ms. Ariana Maria Barouck
Ms. Stephanie Maria Danielle Estrada
Ms. Moanna Sarann Luu

Candle Sponsors:
Mr. Andres Jose Yllana
Mrs. Victoria Lorna Fernandez

Veil Sponsors:
Mr. Gabby Concepcion
Mrs. Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan

Cord Sponsors:
Mr. Randy Gerard Santiago
Ms. Ai-ai de Las Alas

Ring Bearer:
Zach Rashaud Bederi

Bible Reader:
Ms. Kris Aquino

Bible Bearer:
Ryan Mario Lim

Coin Bearer:
Ramon Angelo Nuñez

Flower Girls:
Ceana Lee
Carolina Cecilia Ong
Sofia Gabrielle Go

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