Wedding Tips

Keeping Your Wedding Solemn

By Mina Deocareza | January 2016

Although it should be fun, your wedding still requires a certain level of solemnity. After all, it isn’t just like any party or event. It is very symbolic as it marks the beginning of your married life.

If you are wondering how to keep your wedding solemn, consider the following tips:

1. Let people know about the setup

Tell your guests about what will take place on that day. If they need to dress up, let them know the moment you invite them. All these details can help them understand the level of formality required during the event.

2. Work with the event coordinators

Event coordinators from Mavie Events Management, Monina E Events and Marketing, and Petticoat Wedding Shop And Events know how to handle things well. They will usher people so they won’t get lost or loiter within the venue especially when the program is ongoing. They’ll do other things that will help ensure the event’s solemnity as well, so work hand in hand with them. Give them all the information they need so they can do their jobs even better.

3. Ask your guests a favor

People really love taking photos. For sure, you have already attended an event where people stand up and go right in front of the stage really often just to take photographs. You know how distracting this practice can be, most probably. The thing is, you have to ask your guests to refrain from doing the same things to keep things in order. Tell them that there is actually an official photographer and that you can simply upload the photos after the event.

Keeping your wedding solemn can be challenging but it isn’t possible. Good luck!