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Tips for a Perfect Marriage Proposal

By Mina Deocareza |January 2015

Are you planning to pop the question on the upcoming Valentine's Day? If your answer is yes, you better get ready. You have to ensure everything is prepared properly, so you can ensure a flaw-less proposal.

Now, to help you, here are some tips you can consider when planning your proposal:

1. Choose the perfect place.

There are a lot of things you may consider when choosing the place where everything is going to take place. It can be a place where you first met or a place you love to visit together. It may also take place in a restaurant, where you can have an epic gastronomic experience. Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay City would be a great example.

2. Be organized.

Keep in mind: One mistake can ruin everything. To make sure everything is perfect, be very careful as you plan. Be sure to properly coordinate with everyone involved. This includes your friends and family members (if they are part of this big event), and of course, the suppliers who are helping you to make things possible. It is also recommended that you remain organized with things. If you want your proposal to be very big and you think help, perhaps you might want to get in touch with professional event coordinators like Mavie Events Management, Monina E Events and Marketing, and Memento Events Management Services.

3. Prepare the Ring.

So, you're ready to give the go signal; everyone is ready to do his part in the show. But, do you have the ring that you will show her as you kneel down? Prepare it. And when you do, make sure it is something that's of good quality and that it fits. Also, make it more special by making sure it has the design your partner will really appreciate. If you need help with the ring, contact suppliers like Sunjewel and V-Gem Jewelry.

Good luck and happy planning! May you get the "yes" you have been wanting to get!

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