Philippine Wedding Promo's #30DaysToLove Contest
September 2014

The Proposal Story Contest

Good news to our subscribers! Due to popular requests, we are extending the deadline of our #30DaysToLove Contest to October 31, 2014 and we'll provide extra seats to accommodate more couples to our #30DaysToLove Tea Party !

Share your journey to your dream wedding. Tell us anything about it—preparation, challenges, milestones, realizations, inspirations, and even some lessons you have learned. Whatever it is, share it and let us learn from it. Inspire other soon-to-weds, too.

Who Can Join:

  • Any bride or groom-to-be who's getting married anytime between October 2014 to December 2015.
  • A Facebook and/or Instagram user whose profile is visible to the public. (Otherwise, we will not see the posts and therefore cannot count the entries.)


  • Each participant is required to register via Only posts made by registered participants will be counted.
  • Each participant shall complete 30 posts about his/her own wedding anytime between registration date and October 31, 2014 on their Facebook or Instagram account.
  • When posting an entry via Facebook or Instagram, a participant shall use the unique hashtag #30DaysToLove followed by day number (Example: #30DaysToLove Day1) and tag
  • During their #30DaysToLove journey, participant should use the #30DaysToLove banner as their FB or Instagram cover photo. Click here for the banner url or to get a copy of the banner.
  • Participants can only post once per day. Since more than three (3) months will be given to complete the entries, a participant may opt not to post everyday as long as he or she can complete the 30 posts by October 31.
  • Days when no post is made shall not be included in the day count. Meaning to say, count is from 1 to 30 only.
  • Posts may or may not be accompanied by an original photo.
  • Team members will monitor entries on a regular basis. Each post made by a particular individual will be compiled, ready for review and judging after October 31.
  • After the closing of the promo, Team members and special guest judges will choose couples among the participants who are able to complete their entries. The decision will be based on the content of posts.
  • These participants and their partners will be invited to the #30DaysToLove Tea Party. They will also receive giveways and will get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Giveaways to all Couples:

  • special souvenir items
  • wedding magazines
  • free trial makeup
  • free prenup photo

Prizes to be Won:

  • beauty gift packs and home items
  • crystal marble wedding frames
  • hotel gift certificates
  • complete wedding photo-video package
  • ...and many more!

Sample Post:

The Proposal Badge