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Aklan – Oldest Province and Paradise Island of the Philippines

Aklan, one of the provinces in the Panay Island, was originally known as "Minuro it Akean". It is considered as the oldest province in the country and is believed to have been established as early as 1213 by settlers from Borneo. No matter how old the province is, its beauty never fades.

Aklan's beauty comes in the form of Boracay Island and Ati-atihan Festival. Boracay has become one of the premier destination in the Philippines due to the captivating beauty of the island and its fine white sand beach. Ati-atihan Festival, on the other hand is dubbed as the “Queen of Philippine Festival”. Celebrated every January, local and foreign tourist head out to Kalibo to witness this colorful and lively event


1.Population – 495,122 (as of 2007 Census)
2.Land Area – 1,821.4 sq. km
3.Capital – Kalibo
4.Language/Dialect – Aklanon/Akeanon, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Municipalities (17)

  • Altavas
  • Balete
  • Banga
  • Batan
  • Buruanga
  • Ibajay
  • Kalibo
  • Lezo
  • Libacao
  • Madalag
  • Makato
  • Malay
  • Malinao
  • Nabas
  • New Washington
  • Numancia
  • Tangalan
Famous For ...

Boracay Island
Boracay is a tropical island and is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. It is famous for its world’s finest palm-fringed white sand beaches, azure waters, coral reefs, and rare shells.

Ati-atihan Festival
The Ati-atihan Festival is the most famous celebration in honor of the Santo Nino (Infant Jesus). Every year, tourists from all over the country and around the world visit Kalibo to witness this colorful Mardi Gra-like event.

Kalantiaw Shrine
Once the seat of government of Rajah Bendahara Kalantiaw III, the third chief of Panay and promulgator of the famous Code of Kalantiaw.

Chicken Binakol
Savor the taste of this tasty chicken recipe cooked in a pot or bamboo node, and mixed with potatoes,ginger,onions,tomatoes,lemon grass,bay leaf and peppercorns.

Places of Interest


Museo it Akean
Location: Corner Martelino and Burgos Sts., Kalibo, Aklan
The museum is a repository of antiques all dug up in Aklan. Famous works of arts are likewise displayed. This traces the province’s rich cultural and historical past.


Freedom Shrine
Location: Kalibo, Aklan
The shrine is a tribute to Aklanon revolutionaries of Katipunan who gave their lives to the altar of patriotism. The 19 steps adorning the monument contain the mortal remains of the 19 Martyrs of Aklan and atop is the effigy of Gen. Francisco Del Castillo, the leader of Katipunan in Aklan.

Kalantiaw Shrine
Location: Batan, Aklan
The shrine was built in 1957 to honor Datu Kalantiaw, the promulgator of the Code of Kalantiaw – a collection of 17 laws used during the time of the Datu. It displays a copy of the “original manuscript” of the Code. IN 1998, after years of investigation and historical findings, the National Historical Institute concluded that the Code of Kalantiaw was a hoax.

Ingus-Ingus Hill
Location: Buruanga, Aklan
In Spanish time, it served as a lookout for approaching Moro pirates that used to maraud coastal villages. Underneath the hill is a cave, which according to folktales, was used as an ambuscade of English pirates, buccaneers, and other plunderers of Spanish galleons carrying precious cargoes.

Agtawagon Hill
Location: Balete, Aklan
Served as the last line of defense of the Filipino patriots during the Spanish-Filipino conflict and during World War II.

Cross at Sitio Agbunsud
Location: Malinao, Aklan
Served as the last line of defense of the Filipino patriots during the Spanish-Filipino conflict and during World War II.


Campo Verde
Location: Tangalan and Ibajay, Aklan
Its 3,700 feet altitude makes it a perfect retreat in the hot summer months. Green pines, mahogany, acacia, ipil-ipil, and butterfly trees draw visitors deeper into the woods - a hiker's paradise.

Bakhawan Eco-Park
Location: Kalibo, Aklan
The eco-park features 75-hectare mangrove reforestation. Visitors can take an “eco-walk" made of bamboos that serves as pathway to the mangrove plantation. It has been awarded the Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in environmental preservation.

Location: Kalibo, Aklan
It is a mini-mall with a beach setting, complete with sand and wind ambiance. Stores located here offer a variety of beachwear, jewelry, antique furniture, lamps, and native woodcarvings.

Jojo's Christmas Cottage
Location: Sampaguita Gardens, Kalibo, Aklan
It is a 3-storey Victorian mansion that celebrates Christmas 365 days a year—the first of its kind in the Philippines and even in the Asian region. Inside are various dolls, figurinnes, and decors for Christmas as well as Precious Moments collection.


Boracay Island
Location: Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
The 1,083-hectare island consist of three barangays namely Balabag, Manok-manok, and Yapak. Its shores are covered with its famous palm-fringed white sand. There are three primary tourism beaches in the island:

  1. Bulabog Beach – main windsurfing and kiteboarding area. During windsurfing and kiteboarding off-season, it is often deserted, allowing you to feel the "Other side" of Boracay
  2. Puka Shell Beach – It is the second longest in the island, covers half of the northern tip of the island. The beach is 800 meters long and has an abundance of small shells and tiny, white coral amulets, called Puka shells, which are suitable for necklace pendants.
  3. White Beach - It is 4 kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. This famous stretch of white sand is the premier beauty and tourist attraction of the island. Skimboarding, banana boat ride, glass bottom boat, sailing, wading and snorkeling are popular activities here

Tigwati-an Island (Crystal Cove)
Location: Tigwati-an Island, Malay, Aklan
Located near Boracay Island, shells of varying sizes and kinds lie on its predominantly white sand beach. Caves with interesting crystalline formations can be found in the area.

Ob-Ob Hill
Location: Batan, Aklan
It stands like a lighthouse facing the Sibuyan Sea with an altitude of 200 meters. At the foot of the rocky hill is the beach of Ob-ob.

Jawili Falls
Location:Tangalan, Aklan
It has seven basins tiered about 20 feet apart. The highest basin is about 100 feet high, oval-shaped, around 240 sq. ft. in area, and 12 feet deep with clear water

Tindog Falls
Location: Madalag, Aklan
It is a unique falls with its basin above instead of having it below the falls. Water cascades on a stair-like,carved stones.

Basang and Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs
Location: Brgy. Laserna, Nabas, Aklan
These alternative summer destinations offer the beauty of fresh water gushing from nature-hewn rocks and exhilarating adventure down from Gibon river in a kayak.

Tulingon Cave
Location: Bgy. Libertad, Nabas, Aklan - Bgy. Patria, Pandan, Antique
It is believed to be one of the longest caves in the Philippines. Survey indicates an enormous deposit of guano. Cave entrance is at Nabas.

Ignito Cave
Location:Buruanga, Aklan
Locally known as Elephant Cave due to its appearance. Beautiful limestone formations of stalagmites, stalactites, and other crystalline structures abound. It has a "skylight" in one of its chambers that lets in a soft glow of light at noontime.


Immaculata Adoration Chapel & Convent (Pink Sisters Convent)
Location: Brgy. Polo, New Washington, Aklan
It is the only contemporary nunnery in Aklan and in the whole island of Panay. Everything in the convent is pink – from its facade down to the nun's habit.

Fatima Hill
Location: Brgy. Rosario, Malinao, Aklan
It serves as the home of the Monastery of Our Lady of Fatima and the Congregation of the Penitent Sisters. it is noted for its stations of the cross on the hillside culminating in a chapel made of marble on top of the hill.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral
Location:Kalibo, Aklan
Originally built in 1581 and stands as the oldest church in the province and in the country. It was renovated in 1993 through the spiritual and monetary help of the Aklanons. The church's renovation designs are one of the last works of the renowned national artist Leandro V. Locsin.


Ati-atihan Festival
Place: Kalibo, Aklan
Date: Second Sunday After Epiphany -
It is considered as the Mardi Gra of the Philippines. Celebrants paint their faces with black soot and wear bright, outlandish costumes as they dance in revelry during the last three days of this two week-long festival. Costumes, including the headdress, are made of abaca fibers, shells, feathers, bamboo, plant leaves, cogon, sugar cane flowers, beads, trinkets and an assortment of pieces of glass, metals and plastics

Bariw Festival
Place: Nabas, Aklan
Date: May 12- 15
The festival commemorates the feast day of St. Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of Nabas, and celebrates the productive used of the bariw leaves, an indigenous plant used to make hat, bags,and mats. Highlight of the event is the street dancing competition where local wear costumes made of bariw leaves

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How To Get There?

By land:
From Manila, ride a bus bound for Caticlan. Travel route will pass through the Strong Republic Nautical Highway.

By Air:
There are domestic flights bound for Kalibo. One lands at Caticlan Airport or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport. The other at Kalibo Airport.

By Sea:
Aklan is also accessible via sea travel which takes 14 to 18 hours from Manila.