The Sound of Music

By Gladys Pinky D. Tolete

There’s no doubt that weddings are naturally romantic. However, one can even raise the mushiness level by investing in good music. Read on some tips and advice from the musicians:

Packages are dictated by the number of musicians and the type of instruments to be used. Music groups also have different rates for the church, the reception and both. The present running rate is around P2, 000-P3, 000 per musician.

Couples nowadays are leaning towards pop, R&B, jazz ballads and movie themes. Ria Morales of Sacred Heart Singers says that the traditional bridal march is fast being replaced with the bride’s favorite love song like “Ikaw Lamang, ” “The Promise, ” and “The Prayer.”

When it comes to the ceremony music, one must make sure though to check with the church authorities. Some churches prefer traditional songs. However, should you really want to hear “Ikaw” on your wedding, perhaps you could get the group to play that during the pictorial session after the ceremony.

Reception music is usually anything goes, yet make sure to pick out songs which your 5-year-old flower girl, 28-year-old best man and 50-year-old dear lola could appreciate and groove the night away with.

Morales of Sacred Heart Singers and Gary Silangcruz of Velvet Mood Ensemble agree that six months before the wedding is a good lead time for couples to book their musicians. This would give the group ample time to rehearse, especially when the songs you want are not included in their usual repertoire.

However, couples in a rush need not confine themselves to ready-made repertoires. Paul Bernabe of the Paul Bernabe Band says a month before the occasion would be enough. Actually, he advises couples to ask around for musicians who could play unrehearsed requested songs.

While scouting for musical groups, also ask about what sets them apart from the others. Johnny John Santos of The Wedding Symphony could make your special wedding song by creating a musical arrangement for your favorite poem. Sacred Heart Singers are known for their enchanting way of singing a capella. Velvet Mood Ensemble can dish out Broadway show tunes while the Paul Bernabe Band plays jazz.

Whether you get a band, choir or ensemble, the bottom line is that the music you choose can make or break one of the most important days of your life. So take your cue from these musicians and find the perfect notes to mark your special day.