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Lito Genilo in Dubai & UAE

International Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo in Dubai & UAE this Oct....

International Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo will once again be in Dubai and UAE from Oct. 24-27, 2019. Coinciding with a bridal fair happening on Oct....

The Best In Metro Manila Wedding Photography

Metro Manila is easily said to be the busiest city in the Philippines. Lucky for some of us who live here, there are a lot of opportunities for work and play.
Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong's Renewal of Vows overlooking Ha Lon g Bay in Vietnam

Philippine Wedding Photographers

Philippine weddings are never complete without photos. Filipinos are so fond of taking pictures that would allow them to reminisce their wonderful moments.
studio namu

Why Wedding Photo Collages Are Actually Cool

We all know how important wedding photos are, as well as hiring the right team of photographers to take such images. But did you...
IG-worthy Prenup Shoot at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in La Union

Ideas for Your Beach Prenup Shoot

(Photo Updated January 2020) Since summer is already here, we are sure that lots of couples will go to the beach for their prenup pictorials. This...
aldrin vero sydney australia prenup

Aldrin and Vero’s Sydney, Australia Prenup Shoot with Smart Shot Studio

Australia has been a hit travel destination among Pinoys recently, and we get why. It is such a nice country with lots of things...
rudolphe theresa paris wedding

Rudolphe and Theresa’s Wedding in Paris

Paris remains a dream wedding destination among many couples, and we totally get why. Known as the City of Lights, Paris is a truly...
kristoffer athene prenup smart shot studio

Above the Clouds: Kristoffer and Athena’s Prenup Shoot in Tagaytay

Kristoffer and Athena met the school book fair as buyer and seller. They clicked and became friends who would talk about a lot of...
carlo and kat prenup

Carlo and Kat’s Engagement Session in Manila

Laid-back engagement sessions are definitely among our favorites. Despite the simplicity of their setup, they are able to tell a lot about chemistry among...
robert ara wedding smart shot studio

Robert and Ara’s Wedding in Seattle, WA

Let's admit it. Wedding planning isn't all about rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it can be stressful at times. It even causes conflicts between...

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