Merry Christmas, Darling!


Holiday Season seems to arrive every year, doesn’t it? However, newlyweds’ spending their first Christmas together is stressful and arguments may arise. Why? Of course, both sides are expecting them to spend their first holiday with them. Nevertheless, if the couples will plan ahead of time it will be easier for them where to go because they have made schedules earlier.

I remember our first Christmas together. Garry and I agreed to spend our holidays with my parent and during the Lenten Season, we will spend it with my in-laws since their province has a nice view of the ocean.

Since we belong to a different religion there are certain traditions that are not practiced by my husband. He’s a Protestant and I’m a Catholic but we don’t let different traditions and beliefs come our way. I’m happy that he is okay with it and he easily adapts with our traditions.

Come to think of it, do you think that making new Christmas Traditions together would be a great idea? Here are great ideas in starting one …

  • Give quality time for you and your spouse to reconnect with each other. In this way you can talk about your preparations for the upcoming holiday.
  • Remind each other what holiday’s true meaning is.
  • Start buying you new Christmas tree and Christmas decorations to go with it. Deciding on what motif and ornaments for your holiday is a great time for bonding.
  • Decorate your tree and home together.
  • Try to fit in each other of your favorite traditions. Don’t forget to decide where you will attend your first Simbang Gabi.
  • Start thinking what will you and your spouse have for Noche Buena then make a grocery list. It is fun to do grocery with your spouse, right?
  • Throw your first holiday party in your home.
  • Invite your family and some of your friends to come around and celebrate your first Christmas party.
  • Think of a few games that you and your guests will enjoy, for example charades, pinoy henyo, etc.
  • And lastly, giving away something to your guests is the best way to remember you and what you have prepared for them. It may not be as expensive as your wedding souvenirs but a simple gift is enough.

A friend once told me that holidays are being together, have a good time and enjoying each other’s company. But with all the celebrations we are preparing and participating, let us not forget that Christmas is about celebrating God’s greatest gift to all mankind, giving His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ!

Suggested gifts to give to your partner that won’t cost you a lot …

  • Make a scrapbook capturing your memories all your round
  • Give a personalized sleepwear for Him and Her, in that way it will keep your honeymoon going
  • A special home cook candlelight dinner
  • Surprise him / her with breakfast in bed on Christmas morning
  • Make a special AVP that describes how much you love him / her