Wedding Plans


During the frenzied wedding preparations, you may encounter some snitch enough to drive you over the edge – a mix-up in the contracts, some supplies are not delivered, or worse, you run out of funds! To counter such circumstances that may seem out of your control, why not invest in wedding plans?

Wedding plans include wedding insurance which is designed to protect you from financial loss in the event that the wedding has to be cancelled or postponed or your wedding essentials such as gowns and photographs are lost and damaged.

Then there are also the pre-need plans like the Philam Wedding Package. The pre-need plan helps provide funds for important elements of your wedding such as the bridal gown, entourage’s attire, flowers, reception, souvenirs, honeymoon, photo and video coverage, etc. Plans like Philam’s usually have a list of wedding service providers which could give you pre-negotiated and affordable rates.

Wedding plans are payable at annual, semiannual or quarterly basis with friendly on the pocket rates. Philam realizes the fact that it is difficult to save up money for such special occasions, that’s why their plans are designed to ensure that you have enough money when the grand event comes. An added plus is that the funds are not just for the wedding, they can also be used for anniversaries, birthdays, debuts and other occasions.

So before taking the plunge, take the time to consult a lawyer or your insurance firm about their wedding plans or packages.