3 Gifts to Make Your Principal Sponsors Smile


By Mina Deocareza | April 2015

Looking for gifts to give your principal sponsors can be really challenging. There are always a lot of choices around, ranging from cute display figurines to functional items like mugs and pens.

Yet, like what they say, the best way to a person’s heart is still through his stomach. Eager to make your principal sponsors smile in an instant? Why not given them some edible gifts that look good and taste great at the same time?

Mini Cakes by JK Cafe Loft

Cakes are timeless. They are simply part of almost all occasions. They are also among the things we love to give as gifts. Why not follow the tradition and give your principle sponsors cakes, too? Don’t worry about them being “too common,” though. Mini cakes like the ones from JK Kitchen Loft come in various designs.

Mini Cakes by JK Cake Loft

Cake in a Jar by Joy San Gabriel

Yes, give them cakes—but with a twist. For a change, you can also try handing out cool cakes in jars like the ones made by Joy San Gabriel. Make them smile not just with their delicious taste but also with their beautiful packaging.

Cake in a Jar by Joy San Gabriel

Chocolates by Megabite Chocolate

Let your principal sponsors how sweet you are. Give them delicious chocolates from Megabites Chocolate. What makes these chocolates even better is the fact that they also look great. They come in different sizes and shapes. Packaging looks amazing, too.

Chocolates by Megabite Chocolate

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