Are You Aware of These Wedding Ring Superstitions?

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Superstitions have already been embedded in our culture here in the Philippines that we sometimes choose to believe them without seeking any logical explanation. In fact, even weddings are associated to a couple of superstitions. But regardless of whether you believe them or not, it is still very interesting to know about them. They tell a lot about our culture as Pinoys, after all.

Now let us share with you some of the most common superstitions involving wedding rings:

Dropping the ring during the ceremony is a bad thing.

According to some, people should be extra careful during the ceremony so as not to drop the wedding ring. Why? Because it’s bad luck. Some even believe that a dropped wedding ring means someone will die.

wedding ring

A wedding ring that’s too loose means the marriage won’t last long.

Couples are encouraged to take wedding ring measurements really seriously, since ending up with a wedding that is too loose may mean that they will part ways through careless acts of forgetfulness.

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A tight wedding ring means extreme jealousy that might result in more complex marital problems.

This superstition involves measurements, too. According to some, a wedding ring that’s too tight means that at some point in their married life, a couple will feel too restricted or constrained that their relationship might be compromised.

wedding ring

Do you believe in any of these? Why or why not? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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