Engagement Period


Congratulations, you’re engaged! If you’re Roman Catholic, it may interest you how the Catholic Church defines “engagement.”

According to Canon 1062 of the Canon Laws of Marriage, engagement is a more than promise of marriage, it is a rational choice and a spiritual commitment. It is a time of mutual discovery and a deepening of faith. It is likewise a period of special supernatural gifts for personal and interpersonal spirituality.

The successful outcome of the engaged couple’s deepening in the faith is also conditioned by their previous formation. On the other hand, the way in which this period is lived will certainly have an influence on their future life as spouses and as a family. From this comes the decisive importance of the help offered to the engaged by their respective families and the whole ecclesial community. This also consists in prayer. In this regard, the blessing of the engaged which is foreseen in the De benedictionibus is significant, in which the signs of this initial commitment are mentioned: the ring, the exchange of gifts and other customs. In any case, the human depth of the engagement should be recognized and saved from any commonplace approach.

The Church reminds us that the engagement period should be made a preparation period for the marriage and not only for the wedding. If you are serious enough to bind yourselves by a covenant, it is best for you to attend packaged marriage preparation courses. This is aside from the so-called pre-marriage seminars required by government agencies and pro-choice institutions (which give anti-life and counter-Catholic teachings, anyway). There are many available marriage preparation programs, but make sure that the one you are attending not obsolete and is approved by your Parish Priest. Simbahayan endorses “Si Malakas at si Maganda” for Filipino language speakers.

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