Entourage: Bridesmaid


Being a bridesmaid means more than wearing a silky gown and having flowers on your hair. Knowing your duties may come in handy, especially when someone blurts out ala-soft drinks commercial — “Bridesmaid ka lang?”

Bridesmaids are chosen for being the closest and most trustworthy female relatives and girlfriends of the bride. They support the maid of honor and help with the numerous pre-wedding tasks. On the wedding day, they likewise double as usherettes.

To be a good bridesmaid:

Before the Wedding

  • Offer your help. It would be nicer if you are specific when you volunteer rather than asking, “What can I do?”
  • Help organize the bridal shower or bachelorette party.
  • Attend the dress rehearsal (if any).
  • Help maintain lists such as the gift registry and the RSVP.

On the Wedding Day

  • Assist the maid or matron of honor in her duties.
  • Help usher guests and guide them to their assigned seats (if there is such an arrangement).
  • Make sure wedding accessories such as the veil, pillows, flowers are in order.

At the Reception

  • Assist in welcoming and ushering in guests.
  • Go around and invite the guests sign the signature frame or the guest book.
  • When it’s time for the bouquet toss, please get out there and at least try to catch the bouquet. Do not let the bride throw the bouquet over and over again.
  • Distribute the give-aways