Entourage: Maid of Honor


Your sister/best friend/cousin is getting married and as her long-time confidante, she’s asked you to be her maid of honor. You’re sure to wear a really special dress, but do you know what your duties are?

The maid or matron of honor (if married) serves as the bride’s right-hand (wo)man, her adviser, helper, even slave, if you must. Here are some of the maid of honor’s duties:

Before the wedding:

  • Be the leader of the female entourage members — the bridesmaids and flower girls.
  • Help the bride in drafting the guest list and addressing the invitations.
  • Accompany the bride in sourcing out the wedding suppliers.
  • Inform the guests where the couple has set up their bridal registry.
  • Host or organize the bridal shower.
  • Help organize the rehearsal dinner or despedida de soltera. Make sure that the entourage members are in full attendance.

During the wedding day:

  • Make sure that the bridesmaids and flower girls are properly made up and have their bouquets.
  • Assist the bride as she prepares in her room.
  • Make sure that no wedding accessories are left behind before leaving the house or hotel.
  • Fix the bride’s veil, gown, bouquet and train before and during the ceremony. Carry the bride’s purse, if any.
  • Assist in the signing of the marriage contract.

At the reception:

  • Help welcome and assist the guests to their seats.
  • Collect any gift envelopes.
  • Make sure the bride eats something at the reception.
  • Make a speech honoring the couple. (optional)
  • Help the bride change for the honeymoon and pack her bag.

All throughout the preparations, always be the shoulder to cry on, to present a patient ear and assure the bride with warm hugs and soothing words.