Entourage: Best Man


You’ve wrecked his favorite toy truck when you were kids, you’ve played endless afternoon basketball games together, you’ve helped him set up surprise romantic dinners for his girlfriend. Now, your best bud has asked you to be his best man at his wedding. You know this is not a game so you better learn your duties – fast.

Before the Wedding:

  • Provide moral support to the groom.
  • Accompany the groom in picking out his barong or tuxedo.
  • Organize the bachelor’s party.
  • Emcee the rehearsal dinner or party, if any.
  • Lead the groomsmen.

On the Wedding Day:

  • Accompany the groom to breakfast or lunch. Make sure he eats something (grooms may faint at the ceremony, too!).
  • Help in ushering in the guests.
  • Accompany the groom to the church.
  • Keep track of the wedding rings.
  • Bring a pen and an extra handkerchief.
  • Escort the maid of honor down the aisle (your easiest duty so far!)
  • Assist in the signing of the marriage contract.

At the Reception:

  • Help welcome and assist the guests to their seats.
  • Toast the newlyweds. Two words for the speech: short and sweet.
  • Help the groom pack his things for the honeymoon.
  • If you’re sober enough, you could drive the newlyweds to the airport