Grown Man Serves as ‘Flower Girl’ at Cousin’s Wedding

grown man flower girl
Patrick really took the job seriously. Look at home he scattered all the petals! (Photo from Erin Moore Photo -

Patrick Casey, a 28-year-old guy, served as the “flower girl” at his cousin Andria Farthing’s wedding in Madison, Wisconsin last June 17.

According to Patrick, he had been asking to be her “flower man” before her cousin and her boyfriend Jake got engaged.

grown man flower girl
Guests were amazed with Patrick. What a unique wedding, right? (Photo from Erin Moore Photo –

Fortunately, the couple thought the idea was cool and later on gave him the role.

They did the right thing, it seemed, as Patrick took the role seriously. He even used the flower basket Andria used when they attended a wedding as a flower girl and ring bearer when they were kids.

grown man flower girl
Patrick’s cousin Andria and husband Jake on their wedding day (Photo from Erin Moore Photo –

Of course, the guests laughed at Patrick playing the role. He was cool with it, though, thinking it would be a great way to make his cousin’s wedding special. He also thought it would be great to have fun at the wedding.

Now here’s the video of Patrick at the wedding:

Source: HuffPost