Richard & Sarah: Love in the Time of Corona

Richard Gutierrez & Sarah Lahbati's wedding
Richard Gutierrez & Sarah Lahbati's continued their wedding despite the pandemic happening in the Philippines.

“I have you. And it’s enough. It’s everything. Thank you, Lord for today” These are the phrases that you will see on every wedding post of the newly-wed couple, Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez (26) and Richard Gutierrez (36).

After announcing their engagement last 2017, the two announced last October 2019 that they are planning to become one this year, 2020. After some discussion with their event suppliers, the two settled to tie the knot this year, March 2020 at Shangri-La the Fort in Manila to celebrate it with their love ones.

Richard proposed to Sarah at Zermatt, Switzerland
Richard proposed to Sarah at Zermatt, Switzerland last March 2017 | Photo from Richard Gutierrez’s Instagram Account (@richardgutz)

Originally, their plan to be wed was on March 12, Thursday, but because of the CoranaVirus epidemic the country is facing, they decided to postpone the celebration. Saddened by the news, their event suppliers did nothing but to respect their decision. Hours later, however, they were informed that the couple were planning to continue the original to a civil wedding.

On March 14, Saturday, the couple surprised the country by posting their pictures of their civil wedding. Sarah Lahbati, wearing a simple yet gorgeous white dress made my Mark Bumgarner and Richard Gutierrez wearing a famous black-and-white suit from Joey Samson were seen smiling brightly as Pat Dy took pictures of them at Shangri-La Hotel the Fort, Manila.

Sarah & Richard walking hand in hand as they enter the hall. | Photo by Pat Dy

Because of the sudden changes of their plans, from the star-studded guests down to less than twenty witnesses, the couple continued their wedding with their loved ones.

Richard’s twin brother Raymond described the ceremony more meaningful even though the original plan was not followed. | Source: @mond
Their first kiss as husband and wife. | @richardgutz

Congratulations Richard and Sarah!

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