Some Don’ts For The Bride-To-Be


By Esther Villalobos

At last, the long days of waiting will finally come to an end. A few days from now, you will be exchanging vows with your beloved Prince Charming. Though everything seems to be ready on your wedding day, there are still some concerns for you to think about.

Don’t sleep too late on the eve of your wedding day

been often said by beauty experts, ” Always have your beauty sleep.” If you stay up late on the eve of your wedding day, you’ll probably have bulky eye bags and may look tired on your big day. You wouldn’t want that!

As much as possible, you should complete your rest especially at night. Leave your concerns to your family and friends like the souvenir wrapping, flower arranging, and other things that will consume much of your time. Trust your “support group”. Go to bed early and sleep tight, so when morning comes, you’ll be looking your best. Aim for the radiant look that is commonly associated with a good night’s sleep.

Don’t skip your breakfast

You’ll probably lose your desire to eat anything with all the excitement. However, you should still try to appease your stomach’s hunger pangs because the next meal you’ll be having will probably be at the reception.

The whole day affair will consume much of your attention that you will hardly notice the food. Make sure to take at least a cup of coffee or milk and a few slices of bread before you start preparing for the wedding.

Don’t forget to double check your honeymoon bag

Things such as lingerie, bath towel, deodorant and other important things in the honeymoon pack should be checked again. Since this is your first night together, you should enjoy it without having to fuss over little things. Make your honeymoon full of romance and excitement, and avoid saying, “Honey, I forgot to bring my toothbrush.”

Don’t hide your smile as you walk down the aisle

Walking down the aisle with your parents or guardian is the most dramatic part of your wedding rite. While everybody is looking in awe at your beauty, don’t forget to give back your sweetest smile.

A smile will help express the happiness you’re feeling. It’s also a way for everybody to know that you are going to tie the knot with the one you truly love. This will also make them feel that you are happy seeing them around to rejoice with you, and to witness your sacred exchanging of vows. Smile, it will add to your beauty on this wonderful day.

Don’t pressure yourself

During the ceremony, avoid doing things that would make you feel pressured, like taking care of your playful flower girls, checking every minute to see who is holding your expensive wedding ring, trying to locate your bridal car, and the like. Remember you have your family or wedding coordinator to manage everything for you.

Tension and stress seen on your face certainly wouldn’t do you any good. Try to relax and enjoy every moment.

Don’t forget to thank God for this very special day of your life

Since a wedding day is usually the bride’s day, thank God for the good fortune of having to experience such a joyous occasion in any woman’s life. Marrying the man you love is a dream come true. You are about to enter another milestone of womanhood; that is to be a wife and hopefully, a mother.

So the moment you step down from the bridal car, thank God for giving you the right one to become your lifetime partner.

And so to make your wedding day truly worthwhile and hassle-free, always bear in mind the don’ts for the bride-to-be and be sure to accomplish the do’s.