Things the Groom Should Do Before Saying “I Do”


By Esther Villalobos | March 2013

After that fun, wild, and exciting stag party, very soon you will be seeing yourself waiting at the altar for your lady love in her bridal gown walking down the church aisle. However, like your bride, there are a lot of things that you have to attend to before you totally say good-bye to being a bachelor.

You should check the following matters below, but if you already have these things, among others, in your checklist and have done them, you are definitely ready to exchange those precious vows.

Photography By Smart Shot Studio (left) and Ariel Javelosa Photography (right)
Photography By Smart Shot Studio (left) and Ariel Javelosa Photography (right)

Check Your Bank Account

You read it right. As a newly-wed couple, you should have at least enough cash to spend for both of you right after the wedding. Yes, you may receive some monetary gifts from your sponsors, but you should not depend on their cash gifts alone. Why? It’s because your honeymoon days might tempt you to bring out some cash hidden in your leather wallet, and you may tend to pay much more just to make those days memorable and romantic. So better check your savings now, before the last coin in your pocket is spent during your honeymoon.

Check Where You Are Going To Live After The Wedding

Where’s your new home? Are you still going to stay in your parents’ house? Wherever you may decide to live, you should have a decision right away before the ceremony so that upon your return from the honeymoon, there’s a nest waiting for you. Don’t overlook this part. You wouldn’t want to have to get off the plane fresh from your honeymoon with nowhere to go.

Photography By Vignette Photography (left) and Ideia Photography (right)
Photography By Vignette Photography (left) and Ideia Photography (right)

Check If Somebody Can Take Over Your Post At Work

Though this is optional, you still wouldn’t want to have to worry about the deadlines and documents piling on your desk on the day of your wedding. Before your nuptial, at least finish the most important transaction on your table. Your boss may be a principal sponsor, but remember that you are still an employee who has duties and responsibilities in the organization.

Check The Bridal Car

Though you may have a wedding coordinator to do this for you, you still have to confirm if the bridal car of your bride is available and in good condition. This may seem to be a small matter compared to everything that you have to attend to but remember that the first thing to consider is getting the bride to the church on time.

Photography By Studio Namu (left) and Nice Print Photography (right)
Photography By Studio Namu (left) and Nice Print Photography (right)

Check The Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are symbolically the most important part of your preparation. These golden rings will signify your hearts tying together, and is a formal sign of your lives together as husband and wife. Constantly check their design, size and availability for pick up. Remember to have the rings weeks before the ceremony.

Check Your Honeymoon Bag

Yes, your honeymoon bag; the one that may be lying on your bed devoid of any toiletries and clothes. Make sure that you have enough clothes and underwear. Deodorant, perfume, toothbrush, and important little things should be in your bag. Make your honeymoon hassle-free and full of romance. By the way, don’t forget to bring the most basic of medicines (those that will treat the common cold, cough, or flu) in case of emergency.

Photography By Eugene Martinez Photography (left) and Santiago Alfonso Fotografia (right)
Photography By Eugene Martinez Photography (left) and Santiago Alfonso Fotografia (right)

Of Course, Check If Your Bride Is Still Okay

This will make your bride feel your presence at this pressured-filled times. The wedding day is actually for the bride. For certain, right now, she feels mixed emotions — of both excitement and anxiety. Thrilled because she will be marrying you soon, and strained because she is thinking about the wedding, and as much as possible trying to manage the ceremony personally. It will be a relief on her part that you are there to stand solidly with her, supporting her every step of the way . By this, you are expressing that you really care by being there for her.

Photography By Daniel Lei Studio (left) and Black Tie Photography (right)
Photography By Daniel Lei Studio (left) and Black Tie Photography (right)

Grooming Yourself

You can add to the checklist above but the most important thing is that accomplishing these will make your wedding day a little less cumbersome for both of you. Double-check everything with your bride before the event. And if you think everything has been done, the next thing you should do is to check your wedding calendar and count how many days to go before you say, “I do”. By anticipating and being ready for the wedding are the things that will prepare and groom you for a far greater role after the wedding—to become a good provider and husband to your wife.