Wedding Shots Every Bride Must Have

bridal shot ilawod digital studio
Your wedding album won't be complete without these shots! (Photo from iLaWoD Digital Studio)

Wedding photography is definitely among the things you should invest in if you are getting married. Remember, these photos are meant to stay with you in the years to come to remind you of how lovely and magical your wedding is.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Now you may be wondering about the types of photos to have on your special day. If you are unsure yet, we are here to enlighten you about some must-have wedding shots for every bride.

Here they are:

Beautiful bride

You are the star of the wedding, so why not flaunt how beautiful you are on your big day, right? Showcase your lovely bridal makeup and hair style. Let the world see your beautiful glow that goes perfectly with your smile.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Bride in wedding dress

Your wedding dress is also worth showing off, especially if it has always been your dream wedding dress. Let people see how amazing its style is, particularly its cut, fabric, and details. Also, show how it complements your figure.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Excited bride

Candid shots showing your excitement before walking down the aisle are also a must. This way, you’ll always be able to look back to the special moments before the wedding. It is also a nice way of documenting your journey to married life.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Bride with emotional parents

Weddings are never complete without special moments spent with parents. When you get married, don’t forget to have lots of photos with your parents as they get emotional on your big day.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Bride and bridesmaids

Of course, you must also have photos with your bridesmaids. Let the photos show how special these ladies are for you. It is also the perfect time to finally achieve your squad goals.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Bride with groom

Apart from your photos from the ceremony and reception, don’t forget to have a special photo session with your groom where you can strike a pose or simple have candid photos as you show how sweet you are to each other.

bridal shot ilawod digital studio

Make the most of your wedding photos. Don’t forget about these shots which you will hold on to for the rest of your life!

(Photos from iLaWod Digital Studio)