Asian Wedding Gift Customs

By Gladys Pinky D. Tolete

Do you need some help in picking out the perfect wedding gift or how to present your gift? Here are some traditional gift customs prevalent in the Asian culture:

Filipinos believe that giving knives and other sharp pointed objects as wedding gifts is unlucky because these will lead to a broken marriage.

In China, the traditional groom gifts his bride with precious coins and even cash. Sometimes, the groom and his family would buy shoes for the bride’s younger and unmarried brothers. Chinese betrothal ceremonies likewise include the exchange of twelve gifts, which are usually symbolic. An example is a pair of chopsticks – the word for chopsticks, fai ji – sounds like the words for “fast boy” and is a wish for sons.

In Korea, the groom gives the bride’s mother a wooden goose before the wedding. This gift is a promise that he will take care of her daughter for life since wild geese mate for life. Meanwhile, the p’ye-baek ceremony has the bride offering dates and chestnuts – symbols of children – to the groom’s family.