Deciding on Your Bridal Makeup

Bridal Hair & Make up by HG Studio

By Mina Deocareza | February 2015

Before you walk down the aisle, think about what your look will be like. This way, you can set your mind on what to expect and at the same time, guide your makeup artist about what look to aim for on that day. After all, you should be very vocal about your goals. Your makeup artist is your best friend on that day and she needs to know what’s in your mind.

Now, to help you feel at ease when deciding about your bridal makeup, here are things you should consider when deciding on your bridal makeup:

1. The Venue

Are you getting married in a church or on a beach? Makeup for outdoor events is different from something that will be worn in an indoor event. Lighting varies, too, which plays an important role in photographs.

2. Your Wedding Dress

Sure, your wedding dress should match your makeup, too. It is like coming up with an #OOTD, you have to make sure things go well together. Otherwise, what’s the use of choosing them? So, when deciding about your bridal makeup, do not forget about your wedding dress.

3. Your Complexion

There are makeup styles that are suitable only for specific skin complexions. You cannot just tell your makeup artist to paint your lips red when it won’t look good on you. For best results, ask your makeup artist about the best styles for your skin.

If you want to talk to makeup artists, you may contact HG StudioNowellyn Pahanel Beauty Salon and House of Zeal Hair and Makeup Specialists.

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