Wedding Catering Mistakes You Need to Avoid

chef patrick's kitchen
Chef Patrick's Kitchen offers catering services not only for weddings but also for other occasions and functions. (Photo from Chef Patrick's Kitchen)

Food can make or break your wedding celebration. This is why you need to be wise when deciding on wedding catering. As much as possible, try to avoid committing certain mistakes that could greatly affect your other plans.

To guide you, here are some of the most common wedding mistakes you need to stay away from:

Not providing enough food
chef patrick's kitchen
In order to have an epic wedding banquet, you have to make sure that there’s enough food for everyone. (Photo from Chef Patrick’s Kitchen)

No matter how amazing your chosen caterer is, your event could be disastrous if there isn’t enough food served on your wedding day. This could happen when there is a discrepancy between the number of actual attendees and the number of guests made known to your caterer.

Not thinking about serving style
chef patrick's kitchen
Plated meals or buffet-style? Remember, how you serve food also matters. (Photo from Chef Patrick’s Kitchen)

Are you going to have plated meals or buffet style? How do you envision the banquet, to begin with? Keep in mind that besides food, serving style also has a huge impact on your event. Of course, it is also a matter of how you see your wedding and what your budget is.

Not asking about specific venue regulations on catering
chef patrick's kitchen
Each venue follows a specific list of guidelines for caterers. Be sure to learn about them. (Photo from Chef Patrick’s Kitchen)

Do you plan to bring your preferred caterer into the wedding venue you just booked? If so, don’t forget to ask about specific regulations concerning outside caterers. This is for you to avoid hassle, particularly days before the big day.

Not taking extra charges into consideration
chef patrick's kitchen
Before going for an upgrade, take note additional costs first! (Photo from Chef Patrick’s Kitchen)

Many caterers are actually very generous, including a couple of other things in the wedding packages they offer. But of course, you have to understand that some requests might mean additional costs and you also have to take them into consideration. Otherwise, you might just get surprised in the end.

Forgetting about your budget
chef patrick's kitchen
You can have a wedding without having to break the bank. Just be wise! (Photo from Chef Patrick’s Kitchen)

It’s sometimes very easy to go beyond one’s set budget, especially when planning a wedding. Add-ons and upgrades sometimes seem so tempting, but keep in mind that you shall not get easily swayed. Stick to your budget! It also pays to be honest about it, particularly when talking to your caterer about it.


Do you have any other wedding catering mistakes in mind? Let us know in the comment section!