A Message of Concern on #CoronaVirus Pandemic

Message of Concern on #CoronaVirus Pandemic
Message of Concern on #CoronaVirus Pandemic
For an industry depending on gatherings and celebrations, these are really difficult, challenging times.
It was not so long ago that Taal eruption has caused havoc to many event suppliers in the South. And just when they’re starting to rebuild, restart, Covid-19 pandemic had us scrambling again.
A large percentage of the industry are freelancers and depending on project-based income to sustain their families. While it’s easy to just stay at home, wait, and sit tight for the situation to be over soon, the nagging question is till when? And will a month of stillness really bring things back to the way it was before?
In a world where news, information arrive faster than we can breathe, how does one still the mind of worry?
A wise man said, “Information is power only if you can take action with it.”
Our industry is composed of gifted individuals who are good in planning, creative in transforming situations, and brilliant in turning dreams into beautiful realities.
And so we humbly ask, what action can we take – with the knowledge we now know and the limited space allowed – that will help “clear the waters“ bit by bit?
May we suggest the ff.:
1. DISCERN. “Only in clear waters can we see things at the bottom.”
Please learn to sift through information, the good from the bad, the important from the trivial, and more importantly, the fact from possible hearsay.
Below are reliable online channels on epidemic updates and guidelines:
Global – World Health Organisation:
Local – Department of Health:
2. SHARE. Once sifted, please share only information that empowers rather than those that adds to the confusion and create panic.
3. BE PROACTIVE. Please do not wait till you get infected before you do something. Be proactive and do what you can to lessen the risk of contagion.
4. ACT WITH EMPATHY. As soon as there is a crisis, it feels like it’s “Every man for himself.” However, this pandemic disease is teaching us to make personal sacrifices, to go beyond our personal interest. Please do not take advantage of other people’s weaknesses nor protect yourself at the expense of others.
5. HELP. “Nobody is so poor he has nothing to give.” Please help make it easy also for another person to go through this crisis, either by providing shelter, food, treatment and even the right mindset.
6. KEEP THE FAITH. Time and again, our faith is tested by many difficulties and challenges. But always please remember, “The Lord will not give us cross we cannot bear.” We are greater than this and by putting our mind, work, and faith together, we will rise above it all.
Kasal.com Team 💕