Getting In Shape Before Your Wedding

By Jonathan Dionisio | October 2009

You and your partner surely want to look good in your wedding attire. You don’t want to end up saying ‘heavier ever after’ than ‘happily ever after’ right? Here are some advices on how you can trim down before your big day.

Start Shredding

The first question is how many pounds do you intend to lose. If you wish to lose ten pounds within the next five months, you should target losing at least two pounds per month. If you intend to lose more than that within the same period of time, then you have to step up your pace.

The most preferred alternative is to exercise or engage into sports. If you have flexible schedule, you can enrol in a fitness class or gym. If you are tight on the schedule, invest in exercise equipment like a treadmill or a bicycle. But if you are tight on the budget, running is your best alternative. According to the Runner’s Guide, most runners can shed off at least 500 calories in less than an hour. Aside from losing weight, running can also slow down the aging process.

Another increasingly popular activity to lose weight is through yoga. Yoga is a traditional physical and mental discipline which began in India. It involves a series of poses and breathing exercises designed to achieve spiritual wellness. Other benefits of yoga include flexibility, physical strength, better, breathing, mental calmness and stress reduction.

Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Liv Tyler, Halle Berry, Madonna, David Duchovny, and Gwyneth Paltroy are said to be yoga practitioner. Yoga enthusiasts here in the Philippines include international model and television host Tessa Herrera and Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist and style icon Tessa Prieto – Valdez. As it gained popularity, practitioners, called yogi, and medical experts found out that yoga can indeed help someone lose weight by as much as 10 pounds a month.

Taking a Bite

A visit to your local dietician or nutritionist will guide you on how you should go about your diet. Although there are a lot of do-it-yourself weight loss books and over the web information, it is still best for you to consult a doctor. Knowledge on the calorie content of the food you regularly take can also help you slim down easier.

Your consultation will help you identify what diet method suits you. For one, crash dieting and ‘instant’ slimming pills are out. With the limited amount of time you have, crash dieting stresses the body. According to Ms. Nelda Merced, RD, a registered dietician and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, it is not good to stress the body at an already stressful time. Planning your wedding will be more stressful especially in the last few months. Crash dieting may cause you to lose focus on your wedding planning or even suffer serious health problems. Ms. Merced has some easy to follow eating habits to aid your weight loss:

1. Eat smaller portions.
2. Identify sources of empty calories in your diet, such as high-fat and high-sugar snacks, and limit them.
3. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. They’re powerhouses of nutrition and can fill you up on fewer calories.
4. Choose leaner, lower-fat meat and dairy products.
5. Eat your calories, don’t drink them. Engagement is a time for celebrations and parties, so choose your beverages wisely. Alcoholic beverages generally have at least 100 calories or more.

Healthy Together

For best results, convince your partner to join you in your weigh loss quest. Not only will both of you will look good during your wedding day, you will have an opportunity to talk about your lifestyle goals. According to Ms. Mitch Felipe, head consultant of the lifestyle and weight management program of Fitness First Philippines, your partner is your best exercise buddy. You can motivate each other in taking care of your health.

Since you will be spending the rest of your life together, it is best for you and your partner to continue living a healthier lifestyle even after your wedding. Continue going to the gym or exercising together. Go to the grocery together and shop for good and healthy food. Not only are you taking care of your and your partner’s health, you are assuring one another that you will live together healthier and longer.

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