Gift Registry: What The Couple Needs and Wants


By Jett Pe Benito

The gift registry is one of the most convenient tools that can make planning for your wedding and your married life a whole lot easier. Without this, imagine getting two or three rice cookers or receiving an appliance that you’re not so sure of its function and worse, its accompanying manual is written in a foreign language.

Get insights from a couple who have used it, find out how useful it was to them and know of another way to keep track of your gift registry, all through the power of the Internet.

Vic and Jowee were married in June 1989. Back then, bridal gift registry was at its primary stage.

“Actually, we used a gift registry for the practical reason of not wanting to have duplicated gifts and I could have items that were coordinated. Aside from this, we could get the style and brand of furniture and appliances that we wanted. Our guests also benefited from this because they could pick out gifts that were within their budget,” reasoned Jowee.

Jowee said couples should not fret, starting a gift registry is as easy as pie. “We simply walked up to the bridal registry counter and the staff assisted us with the choices. They were very accommodating, even going as far as making suggestions and asking about the design of our house.”

Vic notes that nowadays, gift registries offer more advantages like discounts and the wide array of choices. “They offer different brands and specialized services. Of course, the great leveler for all of these options is the heavy traffic and the growing number of shoppers that troop to stores on weekends,” he said.

Vic and Jowee encourage couples to have their own gift registry because for one, it saves time during the wedding planning process. Besides, receiving the gifts you want and actually use takes a load off couples’ minds.

The couple also suggests that couples choose items that they actually use from day-to-day and not limit to things that will only be used for display. When asked if there was any timeline to making a list of the items, both of them agree that this activity is best left to the discretion of the couple getting married.

But nowadays, time is a precious commodity and that is where the convenience of the Internet comes in for both couples getting married and their guests. A website-based gift registry is the answer to every couple’s difficulty of keeping track of their registry and guests’ woe of buying the gift by braving the traffic-congested streets or the overflowing counters at the malls.

A gift registry is an essential part to your married life, the result of which will be gifts that you want and need and guests who wholeheartedly give them to you. And as the face of this tool changes to include technology, it would be such a great loss if you do not take advantage of the convenience that it offers.