The Canonical Interview


By Gladys Pinky D. Tolete

As you arrange your wedding banns, you will be asked to schedule a canonical or pre-nuptial interview, or dulog, as it is known in the vernacular. This initial interview is required by the church to find out any possible impediments to your forthcoming wedding, to ensure the freedom of both parties, and to determine your knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and doctrines of a Catholic marriage.

It is advisable to set this meeting with the parish priest at least three months before the wedding. On this meeting, you will be asked to fill out a pre-marital questionnaire which will help the priest determine your readiness and freedom to marry.

The priest will also discuss the whole marriage preparation process so now is the time to ask those little details that may be lurking in your minds. You will be asked to share about your relationship to determine strengths and weaknesses and to spot future issues. The priest will also discuss what are the future duties and responsibilities of husband and wife.

After the interview, if you are deemed fit to marry and there are no impediments to such, the wedding date and wedding banns may be finalized with the parish.