Wedding Banns


By Gladys Pinky D. Tolete

Who has not watched a movie whose wedding scene was interrupted by a dramatic “Itigil ang kasal! (Halt the wedding!)”?

Wedding or marriage banns prevent such scenes on your big day. Banns are announcements in the church where you are getting married and in your respective parishes to inform the public of your forthcoming union of hearts. In the Philippines, it is usually read in the church thrice and posted for a month. This gives the people in your parish (who are most likely your townmates) the opportunity to speak out should they know of a valid reason why the wedding should not push through.

To have your wedding banns published, visit your parochial office at least three months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to register, undergo counseling, schedule and attend canonical interviews, and then finally have your marriage banns published. The banns should be published in the church where you are getting married and your respective parishes should also be informed of the upcoming union.

With your wedding banns, you ensure that the only dramatic highlight on your wedding is when you shed tears of love and joy.