Top 3 Reasons Why Save-the-Date Videos Rock


Back in the day, save-the-dates meant only printed stuff distributed by the couples to let people know they were getting married. With the advancement of technology these past few years, though, things have changed a lot. The printed materials have transitioned into awesome short films.

Now you may be wondering, “Why opt for a save-the-date video in the first place?” Here are the top 3 answers to your question:

1. Save-the-date videos are fun.

Admit it. At some point, you have dreamt of starring in your own film. Now this is your chance to shine—of course with your chosen leading man or leading lady. Your concepts matter in the course of production, too. You can also decide on the theme. It’s your video, after all! What matters is you are having fun.

2. It is really easy to share a video.

For sure, you have already seen one of those viral save-the-dates. Yes, those that are created as if they were really legit films. The thing is, they have become viral because sharing stuff online gets easier each day. With the boom of social media, your friends and relatives can easily get information about your wedding—regardless of where they are.

3. Save-the-date vides are eco-friendly.

It’s always nice to help save trees! Instead of using too many sheets of paper, go digital. Videos are also more capable of getting people’s attention and creating impact.

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