Walk Down the Aisle of Before I Do Bridal Fair


Some people think of it as a one-stop shop or a (ball)room of confusion, but you have to agree, a bridal fair attracts a lot of future brides together with their grooms-to-be, and sometimes they even have their mother, sisters, aunts and maid of honor tag along.

These days it is not a shock to see grooms at bridal fairs. Grooms of today now set aside time to go and accompany their brides-to-be at bridal fairs because they want to be part of the wedding preparation process. To keep from overwhelming otherwise happy couples, the organizer, VRC Creative Events Management Corp, keeps its show on a small scale. Having a large bridal fair can make things confusing for a bride who is doing her own wedding since a big bridal fair will be so busy and distracting with multiple vendors vying for her attention all at the same time.

Summer Carullo, VRC Creative’s Project Manager, enthused the bridal fair has so far, generated a warm buzz from exhibitors. “We are pleased to note that we have a total of 80 confirmed exhibitors specializing in photography, catering, wedding coordination, entertainment, gowns and many more,” Carullo said. “Our goal at “Before I Do”, is to help educate the bride or couple of what is available, why things cost the way they cost, and how to work on their wedding budget. They can be sure that they’ll discover something they hadn’t thought of previously. This is a great opportunity to investigate ideas, get some inspiration, ask the experts and gain an invaluable insight into all aspects of planning their wedding.”

Just as bridal fairs help you prepare for your much awaited wedding, you should properly prepare for the bridal fair that you intend to go to. “Before I Do” Bridal fair has its own website where soon-to-wed couples can pre-register for them to save time at registering on-site and even a few pesos. Just go to www.mybridalfair.com and fill out the Couple’s Registration form.

With ideas, business cards, flyers, and brochures aplenty at a fair, there’s no reason to feel compelled to make an on-the-spot decision. You can go through all of these materials at home. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with brides and grooms making a decision on-the-spot if the moment (and the price) is right. At bridal fairs, you’ll get to experience with all your senses what you miss online or in the printed word. Smell the flowers.taste the cakes.listen to good music. and even try on the tiaras! Visitors of Before I Do Bridal fair will benefit immensely from free talks, live performances, special discounts and freebies for on-the-spot bookings as well as the chance to win raffle prizes!

When visiting Before I Do Bridal Fair don’t forget to bring:

1. Someone to help you decide (the groom or your maid of honor)
2. A calendar for scheduling appointments
3. Pen and paper
4. Your “shopping list”
5. A calculator
6. A color swatch to match
7. A checkbook

Before I Do Bridal fair to be held on November 25 and 26, 2006 at Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall is produced and organized by VRC Creative Events Management Corp., in cooperation with Manila Bulletin’s About Weddings, Kasal.com, MyWeddingNetwork.com and The Bridal Nook, Manila. Also brought to you by 103.5 K-lite FM, 97.9FM Home Radio, Prime8 Studios, Woman by Lactacyd, Mirror Magazine, Business Mirror Newpaper, Sound Level and Fitness First. Event styling is provided by Mr. Hardinero and JCJ Party Philippines. The official website www.mybridalfair.com is powered by Bizadsolutions.com