Wedding Flavours


E-session is making its trend in today’s weddings. “Out of the box” idea is fast becoming a practice by couples. It is making an inclination to outdoor pictorials. Exploring nature, using arts and sciences are the elements used to express more language in a single shot. These we serve to you as our top photographers share some of their breathtaking and unique ideas from their pre-nuptial (better known as pre-nup) pictorials.

Event themes are becoming more lucrative and detailed. Couples become more expressive. The so called theme weddings become a fad, from the timeless classic to a more elaborate and intricate themes of garden, beach, Grecian and old Hollywood. Have a taste from our featured suppliers — invitation, cakes, flowers and bouquets not made from flowers and foliage but crystals!

Marriage is not a one-day affair that starts from your hotel preparation and lasts on the final words of your host. It starts from your wedding day and ideally last for a lifetime. Thus, we have also included some “ hubby jobs” to make the marriage work and the transition from the “I, me, myself” to simply “us”.

Singles will never be left out from this edition as well as we delight you with some singlehood issues.

Have a spoonful of talk with Ms. Janice de Belen and know more about the other side of Atty. Raymond Fortun.

WFM is more than a wedding and food magazine, it doesn’t just give unique wedding ideas and sumptuous food, rather, it is a beacon on how your marriage should be both successful and nourishing through the years.