Be Our Guest


By Jett Pe Benito

A lot of you have may have gone to numerous weddings and some of you may have yet to attend one. As a guest, you become part of the whole ceremony and must do your share in ensuring that the celebration is one filled with joy, fun and love. The following are reminders on how to become the perfect guest and make the couple glad they invited you.

The Invitation

When you receive your invitation, take a look at the name/s. If your name appears with an appendage “and guest” then you can bring someone along. But if it simply states your name and no one else’s, then be courteous enough to follow this. It is in bad form to ask the couple who invited you if you can bring someone with you as you know that the cost of the reception is usually based on the number of people in attendance. If there is no indication that you can bring children along, then it is best to leave the little ones at home.

RSVP means “respondez s’il vous plait” (please reply) so respond promptly to help the couple decide on the place cards for the reception.

Strictly follow the dress code or required attire. Dress up in such a way that you won’t be grabbing the limelight from the couple nor should you be so underdressed that you’d stick out like a sore thumb.

The Ceremony

As a guest, you become part of the whole ceremony and must do your share in ensuring that the celebration is one filled with joy, fun and love.

Be on time for the ceremony. But should you find yourself running late, as you get to the wedding venue, discreetly enter and sit at the back row making use of the side aisles to get to your seat. If you find the doors locked, then resign yourself to the fact that you may have to sit out the ceremony.

If you’re attending a wedding that has a different denomination to yours, be observant and respectful of its rituals. Simply exclude yourself from any of the rituals that may require participation on the part of the guests with the same denomination as that of the couple.

Refrain from taking too many pictures while the ceremony is underway. Usually, an official photographer has been commissioned to capture the event and you could request your own set afterwards.

The Reception

It is not advisable to go straight to the reception if you find yourself running just a little bit late for the wedding ceremony. Should you fail to attend the majority of the ceremony, wait for it to end and be part of the convoy to the reception venue. Do not go straight to the reception venue as this will give the impression that you’re only there for socializing and not for the wedding itself.

A formal table setting of a full-course meal is always a cause for concern for those who are not so familiar with how to work the numerous sized utensils. Just remember to start using the utensils found at the outermost part of the setting and work your way inward.

Do not cause a stir if you find the food served not to your liking. If you don’t like it, then don’t eat it. Neither should you force your preference on the couple by requesting that you be served a different dish at the reception. Remember that you may be the guest but the couple is the most important part of the celebration.

The Gift

Your gift to them is who you are and is a representation of how well you know the couple and their needs. Check out the couple’s gift registry. If you decide to get one on your own, always operate on the elements of functionality and design. Also, check the plans of the couple after the wedding. Will they be relocating to a far place thus making transportation of gifts difficult? Will they be moving into a new house? Do they need appliances or house accessories? All of these considerations will help a lot in coming up with a gift that the couple will truly appreciate and use.

Be Glad

Inviting someone to a wedding takes a lot of time and consideration on the part of the couple. As a guest, you have been given the honor that shows that the couple sees you as someone important to them. So celebrate and support the couple by being a gracious guest and show the couple how important they are to you.