Here Comes the Rain


By Jett Pe Benito

The rainy season signals a gamut of emotions from different people. A farmer prays for rain for his crops, a mischievous child wishes for it so he could play in the mud, while a pilot looks at the sky willing for it not come at all. A tennis enthusiast peers anxiously at the clouds, while a weatherman waits for any change for a forecast.

Couples who are planning to get married during the wet season have different beliefs when it comes to rain; some see it as a sign of blessings from above while some cringe at the thought of the rain ruining their day. However, there are couples like Racquel and Allan whose wedding sailed on perfectly even when it literally rained on their parade.

The couple decided to get married in early June for Racquel’s sake who was working as a teacher in a local college. Racquel remembers, “Everything was set, we were having the reception at my house, and although the place for the guests was covered, the presidential table, where Allan and I and our immediate family sat, was not. There was a slight drizzle as we made our way to the reception.”

But by the time the bridal party arrived, the drizzle has turned into an all-out shower. “It was a good thing my father-in-law propped up a makeshift tent to cover us, however, that did not prevent the mud from staining the edges of my gown,” she rues.

Despite the pouring rain, the muddy ground and the puddles forming on their table, the couple took it all in stride. Racquel believed that it was a blessing from God, “What was important was that I was married to a man I love.” Allan, who was reportedly oblivious to the “disaster” going on, interjects with a grin, “Like I promised her, we were getting married on that day, umulan man o umaraw.”

A little rain did not ruin Racquel and Allan’s wedding and neither should it ruin yours. When planning the wedding, the climate should always be taken into consideration. Should you decide to get married during the rainy months of June to August, make sure to think of such measures like an alternate indoor site for the reception (if you will be holding it outdoors), additional sturdy tents and even back-up wooden flooring to prevent the ladies’s stiletto heels from sinking into the mud. These could be rented so ask around during the wedding preparations. If you could afford it, prepare extra umbrellas for guests who forgot to bring their own.

And do not be afraid of a little rain, just think of it as God’s RSVP to your wedding.