Bed and Bath Boom


By Jett Pe Benito

You may be days or even months away from your wedding, but you can not deny the fact that both of you have spent considerable time thinking hard about your future love nest.

Both of you may think that the bedroom or bathroom is the least of your concerns when fixing your future home, and you may be right. But with the way attention has been given to this burgeoning industry, you are bound to change your minds.

Head Interior Designer Gina Andamon of Interior Design Options gives some tips on this booming industry and design how-tos.

Andamon notes that the percentage of the decision-making process that newlyweds give to bed and bath design with regard to planning their house is very little.

Sleek lines and soft colors are the current trend in bed and bath design.

“Newlyweds are preoccupied with issues such as where to live after the wedding, whether or not they can afford to live away from their parents, if they should get a house loan, so on and so forth.” Andamon adds, “If, on the other hand, these newlyweds are financially stable and have eyed a home for themselves then, more often than not, the initial inquiry they have to answer is the living area as well as the basic appliances used in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, double burner and entertainment systems such as the television.”

Andamon suggests to newlyweds, in terms of designing their bed and bath, to keep it simple. She advises, “Unless you have a penchant for designing the area where privacy is of essence, one’s bed and bath should be practical and hygienic with a design that matches the couple’s lifestyle and personality.” Sleek lines and soft colors define the current trend in bed and bath design.

In choosing an interior designer, Andamon notes, “The person who will create a bed and bath must come up with a design that conforms to the couple’s needs and change of lifestyle rather than what is trendy to the eye but very impractical. Look for a designer who can fulfill those needs and one who will be able to lay it out on paper.”

Andamon foresees the steady growth of the Philippine bed and bath industry which is big in the European and American markets. “Though our culture still centers on the family and entertainment area, these areas of privacy are slowly gaining popularity in Asia.”

So, after you say your “I do’s,” contemplate long and hard on your future home but don’t forget your bedroom or bath. After all, when you get to think about, these are the places where the two of you will spend most of your time privately as husband and wife.