Bride’s Guide to Emotional Survival


By Rita Bigel-Casher,C.S.W.,Ph.D.

Don’t worry, you’ll get through this! You want it to be the wedding you’ve always dreamed of: a sunny day, a beautiful dress, a gorgeous cake, and a chapel filled with flowers, friends, family, and the one you love. But, how do you get there when your mom is miffed, your fiancee feels left out, your maid of honor isn’t speaking to you, and your future in-laws insist on a polka-band? This book will prepare you to handle even the most difficult situations smoothly. From what to expect to what works. This has all the answers!

About the Author

Rita Bigel-Casher,C.S.W.,Ph.D., is a marriage therapist with twenty years of experience helping people towards successful intimate relationships.