Colored Engagement Rings: What Each of Them Stands for

colored gemstones karat world
Colored gemstones (Photo from Karat World)

You have probably seen colored engagement rings in jewelry stores and on countless social media pages and wondered what each of them mean. Sure, they all look great yet it is still better to know what each of them means.

garnet karat world
Garnet (Photo from Karat World)

Wine red gemstones stand for unity of passion and serenity. Wearing this is like making a promise that you will love and protect your partner unconditionally.

amethyst karat world
Amethyst (Photo from Karat World)

Greeks and Romans associated amethyst with peace, as it is believed to be capable of warding off intoxicating powers of evil. Amethyst engagement rings are also said to bring their wearers happiness and contentment.

aquamarine karat world
Aquamarine (Photo from Karat World)

An aquamarine engagement ring symbolizes courage and communication. Therefore, it encourages a person to always be in constant communication with their beloved and express love for them.

diamond karat world
Diamond (Photo from Karat World)

They say diamonds are forever. They also symbolize pure love, which is why they remain the top choice for engagement rings.

emerald karat world
Emerald (Photo from Karat World)

Emerald has always been a favorite gemstone for wedding and engagement rings as it symbolizes happy and successful marriage.

pearl karat world
Pearl (Photo from Karat world)

A lot of sources in the past years regarded pearl as the “Queen of the Gems”. When it comes to symbolism, it is often linked to harmony, humility, and purity.

ruby karat world
Ruby (Photo from Karat World)

This red gemstone is definitely among the most famous gemstones for engagement rings. Apart from its stunning beauty, it is also known as the ultimate symbol of passionate love.

peridot karat world
Peridot (Photo from Karat World)

Peridot is known for its merry green color. Offering a peridot engagement ring to a beloved means that they are trusted and loved so dearly.

sapphire karat world
Sapphire (Photo from Karat World)

Engagement rings with blue stones are perfect for royalty. In fact, Diana and Kate are known for favoring them over white diamonds. Wearing a ring with blue gemstone means you will remain loyal and honest to your partner.

tourmaline karat world
Tourmaline (Photo from Karat World)

Known for its vividness, pink tourmaline has been a popular gemstone for engagement rings as it reminds its wearer to always trust in the power of love.

citrine karat world
Citrine (Photo from Karat World)

Many people admire citrine for its unique sparkle. Apart from this, it is also preferred by many as it symbolizes and prosperity.

tanzanite karat world
Tanzanite (Photo from Karat World)

Wisdom, virtue, and good fortune are just some of the many positive things tanzanite is linked to. It also stands for faithfulness and sincerity, which are both important in the context of a romantic relationship.

Which among these stones would you like for your own engagement ring? Let us know by leaving a comment below!