The Complete Book Of Wedding Crafts


By Bette Matthews, April Paffrath, Laura McFadden, Paula Grasdal and Livia Mcree

Are you ordering your wedding souvenirs from India just to make sure no one else in the country has the same giveaways as yours? Can’t stand the thought of your wedding invitations a little bit like that of your cousin’s? Want your wedding to be a reflection of who you really are?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should definitely make room for Apple’s The Complete Book of Wedding Crafts on your bookshelf.

As its name implies, the 304-page book offers tips on how to create unique wedding crafts like invitations, favors, guest-survival kits and table names. It features step-by-step, illustrated instructions that detail how to create a variety of wedding items, from whimsical dragonfly-pop up invitation to unique garden-reception decorations. Pictures of how the end-product should look like are also included in the book, so even your most uncreative and unimaginative friend could help you out in making them.

Some note-worthy items featured in the book are the pearly chocolate candy favors, the bridal jack-in-the-box invitation, shoe decorations, tiaras and the wedding wish tree.

Aside from the do-it-yourself features, the book also gives advice on a variety of wedding related topics like wording you invitations, choosing wedding favors, managing your time and how to balance between what you want for your wedding and what tradition dictates.

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The Complete Book of Wedding Crafts is available at all Power Books Specialty Store branches: Greenbelt, Alabang, Megamall and Glorietta