Having a Child-Friendly Wedding

child friendly wedding
Make sure the kids are having fun at your wedding! (Photo from Smart Shot Studio)

If you are inviting friends and relatives who are sure to bring their kids to your wedding, it is necessary that you take extra measures to make the celebration child-friendly. And if you’re still wondering how, here are some tips you may consider:

Have a separate table for the kids.

Keep the kids in one place by providing a special table for them. It is also easier to provide them with distraction this way. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage them to talk to other children.

casa bendita kids table
Make sure your kiddie table looks enticing to kids. (Photo from Casa Bendita Events Place)
Prepare a separate kids’ menu

Save the complex dishes for the kids’ moms and dads and stick to safer options, like fried chicken and party spaghetti, when composing a special menu for the kids. Don’t forget about lovely and yummy desserts, too!

kids menu hizons catering
Choose yummy yet healthy food kids will love. (Photo from Hizon’s Catering)
Keep them entertained.

Weddings can be boring for kids, this is probably why some children would rather throw tantrums or bother their moms and dads in the middle of the program. To avoid these things from happening, provide different forms of entertainment for the kids. Prepare papers and crayons, which they can use to doodle while their parents are having fun. You may also have other fun activities for them.

kids table casa bendita
Distract the kids by providing things they could busy themselves with. (Photo from Casa Bendita Events Place)

Takes these kids into consideration when planning for your wedding. They may be too young to understand everything that’s going to take place at your wedding, but they surely deserve a great experience throughout the occasion. Let them enjoy as much as their parents do, too.

Happy planning!