Here Are the Hottest Wedding Colors of 2017!


By Mina Deocareza | January 2017

Have you already thought of what your wedding color would be? Actually, your choice can be really random. You can go for your favorite color or simply think of something that looks good, especially when worn by your friends and relatives. There are a lot of things you can do, really, as you continue the search for the perfect one.

But of course, you can always rely on what these year’s hottest wedding colors are. Since they are trendy, you can never go wrong with them. All you need to do is make sure they are paired or combined with the right colors and hues for a more fab look.

Now, to guide you, here are the hottest wedding colors of 2017:


We all know that greenery is the color of the year. Since it’s going to be a great hit, why not incorporate shades of green with your wedding theme? It will sure fantastic and refreshing, for sure, especially when paired with colors like white and natural.


Unlike strong shades of pink, mauve looks very light and a bit more neutral. It also looks very elegant when paired with colors like gray.


Bold yet not too loud. This is the impression navy gives. It also looks very elegant, particularly when used for clothes like dresses and suits. It is very versatile, too, and can be combined with an assortment of colors, such as coral and gold.


Unlike bright red, cranberry looks more tamed but is still very elegant. It is ideal for dresses and ties, as well as flowers for bouquets and centerpieces. This color goes well with ivory.


Peach may be a common color, but it can actually do wonders when used as a wedding motif. It is subtle yet very pleasing to the eye. It goes well with colors like green and gold.


Have a timeless wedding with a color that’s as timeless as gold. It is also highly associated with elegance, so you are sure to take your wedding a notch higher by having it as your motif. Gold can be combined with burgundy and green.

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