LOOK: Couple’s Amazing Prenup Photos Taken in Cubao

bjorn cat cubao prenup by extremedetails photography
Photo from ExtremeDetail Photography's Facebook page

Many couples make the most of their prenup shoot by choosing tourist destinations. Some, in fact, shell out a lot of cash to get access to fancy places.

But as we all know, they beauty of prenup photos do not solely depend on how far their locations are from home or how fancy their venues are. Sometimes, pictorials held in the simplest and most unusual places yield really amazing results, as long as the ideas behind them and their execution are impressive.

Just take a look at the prenup photos of Bjorn and Cat, which went viral just a few days ago. Taken by ExtremeDetails Photography, these photos were taken in Cubao. Many netizens were wowed by the said images. Some even said that it was the best set of prenup photos they had ever seen.

Here are some of the photos:

Aren’t the photos amazing?

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