Marry Me!


Three Professional Men Reveal How To Get Mr. Right to Pop the Question
by Bradley Gertsman,Esq.,Christopher Pizzo,CPA and Rich Seldes,M.D.

Marry Me! reveals how men think about commitment, the fears that keep them cautious, the signs that show they are serious about a serious about a relationship, and the steps you should take to get Mr. Right down the aisle. Frank, funny and full of invaluable male insight Marry Me! is a must read if you are looking to jump down the dating game into a fulfilling long-term relationship.

About the Authors

Bradley Gertsman,Esq., is general counsel in a New York corporation. Christopher Pizzo,CPA is an entrepreneurial business consultant working in New York City. Rich Seldes,M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon at North Star Orthopedics in Forrest Hills, New York.