High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot

Mon and Choiz Real Wedding
By Mina Deocareza | September 2014

Whenever we hear of high school romances, we usually think of puppy love or anything that’s ephemeral. But the love story of Mon and Choiz is different. They might have started as high school sweethearts but they were able to prove that even the love that starts in earlier years of people’s lives can last a lifetime.

It all started in their senior year in high school. They were all classmates, though they did not really like each other in the beginning. Choiz was a timid girl while Mon was more of elitist. To put it simply, they just would not get along easily.

One day, a mysterious guy started sending text messages to Choiz, asking if they could be text mates. Though uncertain at first, Choiz said yes anyway. The conversations became more often and the two became more comfortable with each other. What Choiz did not know was that his textmate was actually Mon. She only learned about it when Mon confessed to her one day. Mon admitted to liking her, too.

Mon courted Choiz for three months and after that, Choiz finally said yes to him. Though still young, they were able to handle their relationship well and even managed to last for years.

It even came to a point when they had to be miles away from each other. Choiz started working in UK while Mon remained in the Philippines. This made their love story more of a roller coaster ride. While there were ups, there were also downs. Good thing, they remained strong. They endured until they finally decided to tie the knot.

The proposal took place at San Remigio Beach in 2011. They were having a great time while strolling under the sun when Mon finally popped the question. Emotional and even teary, Choiz said yes immediately. They started planning in 2012.

Wedding planning was not easy for them, though, as they were miles away from each other. Yet, despite their set-up, they still opted not to hire a wedding planner. They wanted to still be hands-on when it comes to the preparations. It was challenging, though. Wedding preparation, although fun, can still be stressful, tiring, and even annoying. From paper works to the last minute preparations, things could be really challenging. Good thing, they remained calm and still maintained open communication between each other.

Then, things fell on their proper places. Mon and Choiz had a lovely wedding at The Archiodecesan Shrine of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. Meanwhile, their reception took place at Chateau De Busay.

They had misty pink and turquoise motif. These colors suited not just personalities but also their lifestyles. It was also easier for them to incorporate their choses colors with the dresses, invitations, styling, and even flowers. They used the colors for the entourage, guest table center pieces, serviettes, cherry blossom branches inside the Gazebo, making it colorful.

Their wedding turned out to be lovely, of course. Their friends and relatives loved the festive ambience in the reception. Every detail was great and unique, too, making the entire celebration something to remember. And of course, the most important thing was that the couple had a great time. “I had so much fun and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Choiz.

One of the most memorable suppliers they hired was Robo Formacion Photography. The couple described Robo Formacion a great photographer who has an innate artistic sensibility. His knowledge. “His knowledge of photography enabled him to quickly adjust whatever lightning, scenery, movements or angle he needed to produce the picture perfect shots. He was so full of positive energy and didn’t just stand on the side taking pictures. His creativity and timing allowed him to catch the beauty and essence of our event,” the couple said.

The couple loved their wedding photos because they were candid and they captured the raw emotions of their friends and families during the occasion. In fact, they were so thankful because of Robo Formacion’s great job.

When asked about the tips they could give soon-to-weds, Mon and Choiz mentioned the following:
1. Do as much as you can in advance like dress shopping and choosing invites. The sooner the better. If you have some free time, get to work! You’ll thank yourself later.
2. Enjoy the preparation.
3. Perspective is everything.

Life goes on after the wedding so make sure you are good to people around you as you prepare. Make them feel special, appreciated, and honored to be a part of your day. Because when it’s all said and done, those important people that made it all possible.