LOOK: Couple Ties The Knot on Top of Mt. Apo

overlooking view at the peak of mt apo
Photo by Marciano Villavito on Wikimedia Commons

A couple has become the talk of the town after tying the knot on the top of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Nesgen Caburlan and Lino Zerrudo, both mountaineering enthusiasts from Iloilo City, got married atop the famed mountain on Oct. 30. However, it was only in November that their unique union was publicized, according to Sunstar Davao.

Photos of the wedding, which were taken by Jonie Semeros, have since gone viral online, with countless netizens congratulating the couple on their wedding and also praising them for their brevity in trying to pull off a ceremony that is truly not for the faint-hearted.

Deonnel Peren, a friend of the newlyweds, also shared a video documenting the occasion. In the clip, one can see the thick fog enveloping the surroundings as well as strong winds blowing as the ceremony unfolds.

“This wedding had been a dream for the couple since both of them love mountain climbing and desired to one day seal their love in the highest mountain of the Philippines,” he wrote in the caption, as per PEP.

Deonnel also recalled what they had to go through before the event, which he called the “1st ever Wedding Ceremony at the peak of Mt. Apo.” Apparently, there is more to it than its unusual choice of venue. That’s because the wedding party, composed of the couple’s friends, was stranded at the campsite during the climb because of typhoon Paeng.

“Typhoon Paeng struck… the climb was aborted because of strong wind and rain,” Deonne said, as reported by Bandera.

Thankfully, the weather improved the following day, and they were greeted by a lovely sunrise when they awoke.

“We hurried to take the 5 hours trek from the campsite to the summit…and the rest is history,” Deonnel added, according to the outlet.