Using Social Media in Planning Your Wedding


By Mina Deocareza | December 2015

Social media can do lots of things for you even as you plan your wedding. In fact, it can help you save time and energy. To give you an idea, here are some practical tips on how you can maximize your social media accounts:

1. Announcing the great news through Facebook

Save papers to save trees! Why send out expensive prints to announce your wedding if you can simply post your engagement photos and videos online to break the news? You can even come up with a separate Facebook page for it. Then, ask your relatives and friends to like the said page so they can get notification each time you post an update regarding the big event.

2. Getting more wedding ideas through Pinterest and/or Instagram

Still in the process of screening wedding ideas? Why not use Pinterest and/or Instagram? These social networking sites can help you view different pictures that depict amazing wedding ideas. You can even create your own Pinterest board so you can access the photos easily when you need them.

3. Asking guests to confirm their attendance

Create a Facebook event page through which you can ask your guests to confirm attendance. This page can also include updates on the event. That’s so easy and convenient!

4. Monitoring posts using hashtags

Come up with a unique hashtag and ask your friends to use it whenever they post things regarding your upcoming wedding. This can help you track their posts and stories about their preparations for your big day!

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