Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

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Wedding planning myths are called myths for a reason, so instead of treating them as absolute truths, be wise and don't let them put you in a box. Be empowered and plan your wedding based on what you think is the best or what your situation calls for. (Photo from Mavie Events Management)

We have already heard a lot of wedding planning myths. In fact, some of these myths have been ingrained in our culture that many soon-to-weds simply take them as they are, regardless of how untrue they may be.

But, does it mean that we simply have to follow what others have been doing for years? We beg to differ. After all, as a groom or bride-to-be, you have the freedom to go for whatever you think is best for your wedding. What it is should be dictated with some saying or common belief that may not be true at all.

Now, to give you an idea, here are some of the most common wedding planning myths and the truth behind them:

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“You’ll only get married once, so you need to make it grand.”

Inviting the whole barangay has been a common practice in the Philippines, and so is spending a lot of money for everything nice and fancy. Sure, there is nothing wrong with this. However, the problem comes in when couples are pressured to spend beyond what they actually have just to pull off a grand wedding or invite a lot of people even if they only want an intimate celebration with a few close friends and some family members.

So, if you are getting married, remember that it’s all up to you how much to spend and how many people to invite on your wedding day. Weddings don’t always have to be huge and lavish, after all.

“You can always depend on your talented friends.”

Just because your friend owns a DSLR camera doesn’t mean they are already the perfect photographer to document your wedding. Same goes for your friend who happens to love organizing your barkada get-togethers; it does not automatically mean they could organize your wedding with over a hundred guests.

Wedding planning can be crazy and there’s a reason why many rely on professionals to help them turn their dream weddings into reality. While your friends may have the right skills to help you get things done, you can’t be sure if they can handle all the pressure very well. All the stress may soon affect your relationship with them once things get a bit toxic.

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“Going DIY can save you a LOT of money.”

Not always! Sometimes, hiring a professional who knows the right suppliers and who has mastered how to complete a task the most efficient way possible is better than spending a lot of time learning how to do things and spending money to buy every material needed to get something done.

Example? Event styling. If you are not so sure where to get the craft materials and blooms at affordable rates and are clueless how to put things together properly, maybe you should consider hiring a professional instead. Otherwise, you may just end up buying overpriced materials and coming up with centerpieces that don’t look really good. You may also end up stressing yourself out and spending a lot of time that could have been used for other things that also matter.

“You don’t need a wedding planner.”

“They just put things together.” It’s the usual line of those who don’t seem to understand the important role wedding planners play.

But hey, wedding planners can actually save your life, especially if you are not a very organized person or if you are simply clueless about what makes a good wedding. They also know the ins and the outs of the industry, so they can even help you find reliable wedding suppliers that are within your budget range. And, most of all, they can answer the biggest wedding planning questions you may have in mind.

Do you know any other wedding planning myths? Why don’t you share them with us by leaving a comment below?

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