3 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

By Mina Deocareza | November 2015

Contrary to the common belief, wedding planning is not all about fun and excitement. It involves a lot of crucial matters, too. In fact, just one wrong decision can have a huge impact on the whole occasion. It may cause additional cost, too. For this reason, wedding planning should be taken seriously and done with utmost care. It also pays to have the right knowledge about it before anything else.

Speaking of knowledge, it also pays to be aware of the truths and lies behind wedding planning. Now, here are some of the most common wedding planning myths and the truth behind them:

1. Going DIY will help you save lots of money.

This is not always true, especially if you are not that sure of how to do things. Remember, there are lots of things in life that just look easy from a distance but once you try to do them yourself, you may realize that they are not simple at all. If you think you may just commit mistakes along the way, why not trust the pros instead? Why force yourself to create invitations for 100 or come up with create centerpieces for ten tables if you can get amazing deals with suppliers?

2. Seeking help from talented and creative friends is as good as hiring professionals.

Just because a friend has nice Instagram photos or own a DSLR does not automatically mean he can take really awesome wedding photos. After all, wedding photography is among the most challenging branches of photography. Since wedding involve lots of movements and emotions, hiring professional photographers is still you best option. Don’t worry, you will never run out of options.

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3. All wedding suppliers are created equal. No, they are not. When getting married, it is important that you know how to choose your wedding suppliers properly. It is idea that you look at their track record as well as their portfolios. You may also ask around or do some research to learn more about them. This will save you not only from scammers but also from those that are known for their bad products and services. If you need help in choosing and dealing with suppliers, seek help from professional events coordinator like Mavie Events ManagementMonina E Events and Marketing and Petticoat Wedding Shop And Events. For years, they have been working with various wedding suppliers. They can also help you find the suppliers to suit your budget.

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