Wedding Planning 2.0: Wedding Websites


January 2010

In this day and age where access to the internet is readily available, everyone seem to have their own space on the world wide web. Whether it is in the form of a social networking page or a blog, people want their presence felt over the internet and share their life with the world. As one of the most celebrated events, weddings have become one of the most commonly shared moments on the internet. And what better way to share this momentous event in your life than by establishing a wedding website.

Here Comes the Site

Wedding websites serve as an alternative communication tool for soon-to-wed couples to inform their family, friends, and guests about the details of their wedding. Aside from that, wedding websites are now specifically designed to cater to the basic wedding planning needs of a soon-to-wed couples. They also serve as another venue for couples to share their wedding planning story with their family and friends.

Most wedding website requires a certain amount to be paid for you to use their service. However, there are wedding websites provider that offer their service for free. Others, on the other hand, give couples the option to purchase other premium services while some give out free trial period then charges you afterwards if you would like to continue using their services. It is up to you and your partner if you would like to purchase a wedding website or simply create an account with the free hosting providers.

The major advantage of paid sites is that it enjoys more feature such as full layout customization, larger file storage size for your photos and videos, a customized web address or domain, and free from advertisements. Other paid web hosting providers allow you to have your wedding website stored in a special CD or to be downloaded as a keepsake. The disadvantage of paid web hosting is that once your contract is done, your website will be terminated unless you renew the account. Some web hosting providers terminate your site after one years. Others retain it unless you delete your account.

Blog vs. Wedding Website

There is not much comparison between a blog or a wedding website. Think of it this way, a blog is a notebook while a wedding website is an organizer with notepad. For one, wedding websites have a blog feature where you can write your wedding planning experience and share it with your family and friends. The main edge of wedding websites to blogs is the presence of specialized wedding tools that you can use to help plan your wedding more conveniently.


Wedding websites allow couples to list down, on a separate page, the members of the entourage, wedding suppliers, family tree, wish list, among others. Wedding websites also have dedicated page where you can write about your love story. Some wedding website have an interactive map to show where is the location of your wedding ceremony and reception venue. Others provide a guestbook page where your family and friends can post their wedding wishes and greetings for you and your partner.

Couples like you can also create a poll and ask for advise or suggestions from their family and friends. Some free wedding websites provide a photo album page where you can store certain number of wedding photos. Paid sites, on the other hand, allow you to store as many photos as you want. Others provide an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for you to answer the most commonly asked questions by your guests. You can also create a wedding countdown icon to be placed on your homepage to remind everyone how many days left before your big day. Some providers offer an option to send out ‘save the date’ cards via email to your lists of contact.

Most wedding websites serve as the couple’s RSVP. This works by allowing the guests to confirm their attendance using your website. Your guest simply has to go to your website, click on the RSVP page fill out the information needed, such as name and email address, and confirm of they will come or not. Through your wedding website, you can easily manage your guest list and spare you from the dilemma of calling or texting your guests one by one and ask if they are coming or not.


Here is a list of free and paid wedding websites. Fell free to check them out and create your own wedding website.

eWedding (free)
ShareWeddings (free)
Wedding Announcer (free)
The Knot (free with premium services)
MomentVille (free with premium services) (paid)
Wedding Ocean (paid)
Wedding Window (paid)

So what are you waiting for? Start making your wedding website, and who knows, we might visit your site and be the next couple featured in our Real Wedding Section. Happy planning!

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