We’d Have A Great Relationship If It Weren’t for You


Regaining Love and Intimacy Through Mutuality
By Bruce Derman,Ph.D. with Michael Haugel

Is your relationship stuck in the Difference Game? All intimate relationships that are painful,chaotic or stuck have one thing in common: the partners involved focus on their difference to prove that “One of us is better than the other”. To protect themselves from the fear and vulnerability of greater intimacy, they sacrifice their love, passion and closeness in order to validate their images of superiority or inferiority. Finally here is a book which helps couples move beneath their surface differences in order to recognize this basic truth: in any committed relationship, both partners are the same -absolutely equal in their capacity for love and intimacy. With clarity, wit and vivid examples, this book shows how this innovative process of mutuality can replace drama and distance with lightness and joining, can greatly reduce the possibility of divorce, and can transform restrictive sex lives into ones that are expansive and free.

About the Authors

Bruce Derman,Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years experience working with couples. He has taught psychotherapy at Pepperdine University and is staff psychologist at the Men’s Center of Los Angeles. Bruce’s lectures and workshops on mutuality are regularly held in the US. Michael Hauge is a Hollywood story editor, script consultant and independent producer, and is the author of the award-winning book Writing Screenplays That Sell.