The Wedding Related Businesses that Give Life to Your Wedding

By Jett Pe Benito

In an unprecedented way, will be coming out with a series of articles in the year 2002 to give you, the couples, a look-see into the suppliers and vendors who will be providing the elements to your wedding. Find out how they can make planning for your wedding easier on you.

These artistic decorations are often overlooked being a staple to every wedding. This article will be divided into three parts. You can draw distinctions regarding design and business philosophy between three respected floral designers, the first of whom has been in the industry for a long time, the second who is well on her way to making a name for herself and the third who is just starting out but nevertheless rising to the challenges of being new. We will be featuring Robert Blancaflor of 1816 Flowers, who started out in the business when his brother got married. Another is Dorothy Albert Cuña, who obtained considerable experience from her mother who tended the Japanese plant, the bonsai. And the husband-wife team of Ernest Astrera and Nana Abello-Estrera of Sonata.

As it has been often mentioned in this site as well as in everyday conversation, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. will not only be mentioning the ideas of veteran Lourdes Unite of Ebony Ivory but also those of videographer Jason Magbanua on preserving memories through videos. Also read from recognized commercial magazine photographer Menchit Ongpin of Le Studio.

Others may have the opinion, that next to the bride, the wedding cake is the most often sought-after element to a wedding, and they mat be right. Hear the sentiments of neophyte cake designer Michelle Ortega, or respected Maite Gregorio of Cake Concepts Unlimited or the much-recognized Marithel Roa. Learn from their insights on what it takes to be the choice cake designer and how to spot one.

Edgar Madamba, Merlene Marcelo and Regine Vera-Perez may not be household names to majority of the population but in the wedding scene, they are the couturiers who have either made a name for themselves or are on their way to doing so. Make realizations that are based on their experiences and learn on what to look for in scouting for a designer.

Make-up and Grooming
Already interviewed for this section is Clamar representative Apple Santos. Preparations have been made to interview other top salon and beauty specialists who will be giving valuable information not only to the bride and groom but also to the rest of the entourage as well.

Reality check
With our economy in a slump, planning a wedding isn’t as easy as in the good old days when money wasn’t so hard to come by. Now vendors or suppliers hired for their services have to go through a rigid test to ensure that they can provide the quality and design that is worth every penny you shell out. is fulfilling its role as the essential Filipino wedding guide by providing you with a continuing series on wedding-related businesses. This is not because of promos and discounts they have to offer but rather provide an understanding of a particular wedding industry and what can be expected of it, a sign of empowering Filipino couples in making informed choices.