Adonis And Karen Sue’s Proposal Story

Adonis and Karen

Adonis R. Laude and Karen Sue L. Belez
10 November, 2010

The moment she got in, she looked around for a big box or package stuffed somewhere in the car. Nada. The birthday gift he had been talking about for weeks now was nowhere in sight. Perhaps it was in the trunk?

They got off at Leslie’s Alabang. He wanted buffet dinner (of course, kainan to the max na naman!). Still the gift was nowhere… did he forget it? Maybe he was joking and there really was no gift. Or maybe it was still in the trunk?

Sometime midway through dinner, Adonis took out a tiny velvet pouch from his pocket and handed it to Karen Sue. It contained a tiny box with the name of a jewelry shop she wasn’t familiar with. A fan of trinkets and accessories, she thought, “Yes, EARRINGS!”

She opened the box. Wow, pretty flower design–or was it a snowflake? No matter, it was just what she liked. But, wait… she frowned…

“Bakit isa lang?”

There was no pair. It wasn’t a pair of earrings after all. It was a ring.

Adonis took it from her and, with absolutely no frills, slipped it in her finger (with some difficulty, the ring a bit small) and popped the question:

“Will you marry me?”

It was a long time before she actually answered. And it was a very dull,


He asked the question again. With the ring already on her finger, it was as if she still had a choice!

But some more time passed before…

“Yes po.”

So much for a totally romantic “yes!”

There’s actually a follow-up to the proposal story. The ring made some mischief. =)

When I got home after my birthday dinner with hubby-to-be and was watching TV with my dad, I tried taking off the ring from my finger.

It wouldn’t budge.

I pushed and pulled on it. It started to hurt. I freaked out that I might never get it off. But as I was beside my dad, who had no idea what happened before I came home, I tried my best not to look panicked. So I kept on pushing, pulling and yanking almost to tears until I got it off. Naturally, I couldn’t get it back on again. =(

So on the day after Valentines Day (five days after my birthday), we went back to the shop where hubby-to-be bought the ring. He was trying very hard to keep the receipt from my sight, but it was useless because the items were labelled with their prices. Hahaha! It was good he anticipated that something like it might happen. He bought the ring in December, two months before my birthday, and the shop only accepted replacements within one week. He requested for an extension until after he proposed, to which the shop kindly agreed. We also had the ring engraved with our names (the first ring wasn’t engraved, thank goodness), sealing the bond–and the purchase!

We had another “ring ceremony” that same afternoon over snacks. I was quicker to answer “yes” this time, but somehow, it was just as sweet as the first time. =)

Engaged couple: Adonis R. Laude and Karen Sue L. Belez
Wedding Day: December 24, 2010